Friday, June 1, 2012

Reviews of The Postcard

"The plot shimmers with originality even as it evokes genre fictions. Emerson Beale's fast-paced pulp adventures, interspersed with the contemporary plot, are lusciously readable in their own right, and they ratchet up the contemporary suspense, as it's clear that the past and the present are rolling toward convergence.... The author capably wrangles these elements into swiftly turning pages and an accessible drama wherein Jason's family story [becomes] the payload of the high-spirited adventure, resulting in a genuinely heartwarming tale that's touched with regret even as it moves hopefully toward a better future." --Bulletin of the Center for Childrenís Books, (*Starred Review)

"This book succeeds on many levels. Fans of romance and adventure will enjoy Nick and Marnie's story with its quirky characters. Jason's take on his unexpected summer adventure will engage readers who enjoy realistic fiction, especially his budding friendship with a neighborhood girl who joins him in tracking down the chapters. A less capable author could easily have confused readers with everything that is going on in this book, but Abbott weaves a fun, engaging tale that draws in readers and keeps them entertained."  VOYA

"Abbott's gift for creating complicated, realistic young characters is evident in Jason, [and] he is joined by stock characters from the pages of an old gumshoe mystery. The contrast between Jason's real adolescent angst and the cliched mystery woven throughout makes each element seem richer. The surprise ending to the mystery and the not-so-surprising ending to Jason's real-life drama are quite satisfying." --School Library Journal

"Abbott...sets no easy task for himself with this book, which contains a mystery within a mystery... but the book is so enticing that readers will go along even when the going is rough. Jason (paired nicely with a neighbor girl as sidekick) is a hero worth rooting for. Kudos, too, to the book's designer, whose use of old postcards heightens the appeal." --Booklist

"With a cast of bizarre characters (including a mysterious woman with wings), postcards containing hidden messages, and an unlikely young sleuth, this mystery-within-a-mystery from the award-winning author of Firegirl and The Secrets of Droon series gets more suspenseful with every turn of the page. It's about a 13-year-old boy who never knew his grandma, but after she dies, he receives a creepy phone call that sends him on a thrilling journey to discover hidden family secrets. Clear your calendar, because once you start reading, you won't want to stop! Any kid is sure to love this action-packed adventure that's also a story of friendship and forgiveness, reconnecting with lost loved ones, and growing up! (Ages 9-12)" --Children's Book of the Month Club

"This marvelous mystery-within-a-mystery combines a vivid look at the wild early days of land speculation in Florida with a poignant family drama and a 13-year-old boy's quest to uncover family secrets. After his grandmother dies, 13-year-old Jason is sent to St. Petersburg to help his alcoholic dad pack up her things. An old postcard and a strange phone call send Jason on a wild journey of discovery, all centered around his grandmother and her lost love, a mystery writer named Emerson Beale whose hidden manuscripts seem to hold the key to her story. But how much is truth, and how much is fiction? This is a true original, surprising and suspenseful from beginning to end." --The Buffalo News 

"Abbott effortlessly weaves together mystery and intrigue, resulting in a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat and constantly guessing." --The Reading Zone

"When his father lands in the hospital after an ill-advised gutter-cleaning adventure, Jason launches his own, following a trail of postcards and stories cross St. Petersburg and beyond, with the exuberant assistance of his grandmother's neighbor Dia. Tony Abbott combined his interests in Old Florida and noir fiction to concoct this original mystery." --Kirkus